Spirulina is considered a super food because it is a potent source of nutrients. It contains as much as 70% protein, and is a good source of chlorophyll, B-complex vitamins, vitamin E, and iron and also contains more beta-carotene as well as the essential fatty acid known as GLA.
Easily digested, powdered spirulina is filled with antioxidants.
The beta carotene in spirulina is beneficial for good vision and eye health
It also builds lactobacillus in the gut, and aids in the assimilation of food as well as elimination – which helps relieve constipation
It is used for strengthening the immune system
Spirulina powder helps the body produce additional red and white blood cells
It helps the body’s natural ability to cleanse and detoxify
It provides protection against iron-deficiency anemia and provides needed protein during pregnancy
It is also a good source of iron for children with iron-deficiency anemia
It has long been marketed as an appetite suppressant