We offer moringa oleifera seed kernel, moringa seed kernel and moringa kernel.

Moringa kernel used mainly for the moringa oil extraction. Drum stick kernel used for water purification. Drum stick kernels also used as the mast cell stabilizer and natural anti-inflammatory food. Moringa seed kernel is white in color

Moringa Seed Kernels are used for Oil Extraction purposes and edible usages. The Kernels are highly pure and fleshy with high quality.

Antifungal & antibacterial properties Roasted seeds encourage urination. Moringa seeds are effective against skin-infecting bacteria.

Moringa seeds are a great source of zinc and can regulate blood sugar levels which can help manage or even prevent diabetes.

The fatty acid composition of the oil makes it suitable for both edible and non-edible applications. Also, the percentage of oleic acid (70%) in Moringa oil is quite